My goal is to make chaps that are comfortable, durable and look fantastic. I do my best to match the type of tan and weight to the job they will be challenged with. I use top quality chap leather, tooling leather, and hardware. I want you to enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy making them.
Hitching horsehair began in 2003 when I bought Hitched Horsehair: The guide for self learning by Shoni Maulding. After a great deal of “trial and swearing”, hitching has become my escape.  Every piece is truly unique and it still amazes me how something off the back end of a horse can be made into something so beautiful.

In general, I hitch using 9-12 hairs per pull. A basic pattern hitched over one of my headstalls on the cheeks and brow band will cost $550. I have used and can use fewer (ie.5-7) pulls to create a “finer” pattern, but it takes considerably more time and thus will be reflected in the price. For custom pieces, the price will depend on the complexity of the design, and the amount of hitching involved. Please call for a no-obligation quote. I can incorporate hair from your own horse for a very personal piece as well.
All my bridles are hand-cut, edges are finished and rubbed by hand. This takes extra time and elbow grease, but worth the finish in my opinion. I use quality Herman Oak bridle and strap leather for its consistency, durability, and ability to look great out on the range or in the arena.  All bridles are lined unless requested otherwise.

These pads are hand-latched using 100% wool roving on canvas matting. A natural fibre offering breathability and durability, wool has the added benefit of looking great. A wide selection of colors is available from natural white, grey, brown, and black to bright dyes and heathers. Patterns can be simple to a unique custom brand pad. Base price is $150 plus $30 shipping.


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